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Miss a Ward 5 meeting?   
Where is Ward 5?  
Ward 5 meeting 03/09/22 
Click here   Video
Ward 5 Meet & Greet 12/06/21 
Click here
(for new Ward 5 residents, west Bay Vista)
Ward 5 meeting 09/08/21   
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5 meeting 03/17/21
   Click here
Ward 5 meeting 10/12/20   Video   Summary
Ward 5 meeting 02/27/20  
Video   Summary
Ward 5 meeting 09/09/19   Summary
Ward 5 meeting 02/27/19   Summary

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City Council Agenda

Planning Commission Agenda

Architectural & Historical Agenda

Development Review Committee Agenda

Tree Committee

FY 2022 Budget Documents & Videos
Documents are DRAFTS until the budget is adopted in September.  Budget workshop schedule
…Budget Workshop 07/13/21
    Revenue                Video
…Budget Workshop 07/20/21
    Non-Departmental   Video
    Non-Departmental, with discussion notes
    Health Insurance
    Insurance Dashboard, YTD  pat/07-21-21
…Budget Workshop 08/03/21

    Departments, 1    Video
    Police, Fire & Public Works, with notes
…Budget Workshop 08/10/21
    Departments, 2    Video
Community Development, Administration,
Executive, Legislative, Engineering,
Parks & Recreation, Port
…Budget Workshop 08/17/21

    Tax Levy & Miscellaneous
Departments, Revised     Video
(includes debt, # employees, tax levy)
    Non-Departments, Revised
    City Tax/Millage Levy, historical
…Budget Workshop 08/24/21
    Finalize budget with a last look
    Departments, Revised    Video
    Non-Departments, Revised
…Special Council mtg 08/27/21    Video
Maestro (TPA), Proact & Mississippi Physician Care Network
…Special Council mtg 08/31/21  Video
Employee insurance contributions, dental insurance, life insurance & vision insurance
A Public Hearing on the proposed FY2022 budget will be conducted Tuesday, September 5, 5:15 pm, at city hall.
⇒  Adopted budget documents (09/14/21)
⇒  Budget adoption, video (09/14/21)

FY 2021 Budget Documents & Videos
Documents are DRAFTS until the budget is adopted in September.
Budget Workshop, 07/07/20, video
Budget Workshop, 07/21/20, video
Budget Doc, 07/21/20, Rev & Dept
Budget Doc, 07/28/20, Non-Dept
Budget Workshop, 07/28/20, video
Budget Workshop, 08/04/20, video
Budget Doc, 08/04/20, Non-Dept
Budget Workshop, 08/14/20, video
Budget Doc, 08/18/20, Rev & Dept
Budget Doc, 09/01/20 Public Hearing
Budget Handout, Public Hearing
City Tax/Millage Levy, historical