Tuesday, April 25
Council Meeting, 1:30 pm
-Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, 5:30
–Gruich Community Center
Friday, April 28
-Seniors Prom, see flyer
Tuesday, May 2, 7:00 am-7:00 pm
-Primary Elections
Tuesday, May 9
-Council Meeting, 6:00 pm
Tuesday, May 16, 7:00 am-7:00 pm
-Runoff Elections, if necessary

Tuesday, May 23
-Council Meeting, 1:30 pm
Tuesday, May 30
-Council Meeting, 1:30 pm
Tuesday, June 6, 7:00 am-7:00 pm
-General Election

(03/21/17)  To report a burned out streetlight: Mississippi Power click here
To report a water, sewer, gas, or drainage emergency after working hours, call Police Dispatch, 228.392.0641
(03/08/17)  Dispose of your hazardous materials the second Saturday of the month, 8:00-12:00 at 10076 Lorraine Rd., Gulfport
(12/04/16)   Road Closings and Traffic Advisories
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(11/13/16)   See the city’s jobs listing
(09/02/16) Waste Pro (Garbage & Recycle)
                     Office: 228.868.8752
                     After Hours: 228.818.5393
                     24 hour call service: 1.800.865.2781
(02/15/16)  Crime Mapping tracks crime, by location, in Biloxi.  See Frequently Asked Questions to understand how this program may help you.
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(04/19/17)  The Mayor’s text concerning Spring Break read at Tuesday’s Council meeting… click here
My comments on the topic…
Every major event that Biloxi hosts is unique; comparing events generally may be helpful, but not conclusive.

The demographics are different.
The associated venues are different.
The challenges and obstacles are different.
Each requires a different security plan.
Our police department has adapted its plan for each event as that event has grown.
I’m confident their plan will be significantly different for this event next year… it has to be… and they understand that.
Every event we host must be manageable so it’s safe for residents, emergency/safety personnel and visitors.
For security purposes, emergency vehicles must be able to move quickly to their destination
Parking will continue to be an issue… we need designated areas for a large volume of cars
As our law enforcement and fire departments are accountable, so too must venue managers, promoters and small businesses that pop up along Highway 90.
And, so must our guests.
We must continue to have comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional support.
We must establish expectations and share them with promoters, businesses that pop up, and visitors.
And, then follow through on those expectations.
I believe in our abilities to find and strike a balance to welcome crowds of visitors to Biloxi.
Tourism is Biloxi’s top industry… think about that for a moment…
The more successful we are drawing tourists to visit, the more traffic and delays we’ll see on our roads.
In a perfect world, we’d be very successful, but not too successful!

We thought we were prepared for hurricanes after Camille.
And then Katrina found us… and changed our communication, preparation, and evacuation plans forever.
This year’s crowd for Spring Break doubled, or close to it; no one could have forecast such increase.

If everyone, without exception, behaved respectfully and responsibly in a timely manner, we wouldn’t need a security plan for events… Indeed, we wouldn’t need a law enforcement agency or the Ten Commandments.  And though the vast majority of us, residents and visitors alike, do behave appropriately, it’s the exceptions that cause us grief and sour the experience.

I believe a balance can be struck that enables us to host such events in a manner that is pleasing to all those reasonably concerned.
We just need to find it over the next several months.
I’m confident we will.

(04/17/17)  Please note that tomorrow’s Council meeting will begin at 2:30, an hour later than usual, because of former Mayor Danny Guice’s funeral at 1:00 p.m., Gruich Community Center, Howard Avenue.

(04/03/17)  A brief reminder that Spring Break occurs this weekend on the coastExpect heavy traffic on Highway 90 in west Biloxi from Rodenberg Avenue to DeBuys RoadBest advice: (1)  Remember that parking bays on U.S. 90 close at 10 p.m. (2)  For safety, pedestrians will be able to cross U.S. 90 only at crosswalks. (3)  Don’t drink and drive. Be patient in traffic. (4)  Traffic will be slow-moving to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination. (5)  Be respectful of private property. (6) Follow the directions of police officersClick here to read more about Spring Break.

(04/02/17)  Biloxi residents who are either alone or feel vulnerable can get a daily “Are You OK?” phone call from the Biloxi Police Department.  The system, known as RUOK, is a free service offered to citizens in Biloxi who request a telephone safety check.  The service helps by providing a reassurance call to check on the safety of an elderly, medically disabled or homebound person.  To sign up for the RUOK program, call the Biloxi Police Department Community Relations Division at 228-385-3033 or click here for the application packet.

(03/17/17)  Neighborhood Passes, for use during Spring Break, April 7-9, have been distributed to Maison d’Orleans Apartments, Beach Villa Apartments, and Grande View Apartments.  The Briarfield subdivision point-of-contact, Anita Denham, has received passes for distribution.

(03/04/17)  City’s Voter Information Guide 2017… should be in your mailbox next week.   For more voter information click here.

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