alloween2016-seniors_p1Friday, September 30
Senior Rock & Roll Bash
Sunday, October 2 – 9

Cruisin’ the Coast
–Traffic will be heaviest Thu, Fri & Sat

Tuesday,October 4
-Council Meeting, 6:00
Friday, October 14
Happy Halloween in Woolmarket
Saturday, October 15
Fishing for Catfish Kids Day
Tuesday, October 18
-Council Meeting, 1:30
Friday, October 21
Senior Halloween Bash
Halloween at Hiller Park
–Ages 11 and Under
Tuesday, October 25
-Council Meeting, 1:30
Friday, October 28
Special Needs Halloween Costume Ball


(09/02/16) Waste Pro (Garbage & Recycle)
                     Office: 228.868.8752
                     After Hours: 228.818.5393
                     24 hour call service: 1.800.865.2781

Are you prepared?

(02/15/16)  I’ve added a link to Crime Mapping (above) which tracks crime, by location, in Biloxi.  See Frequently Asked Questions to understand how this program may help you.

(02/15/16)  If you’re looking for an item that appeared on this page previously but is no longer listed/shown, click on the Archives link at the top right corner of this webpage.                     228.297.6800

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(09/27/16)   Residents of Briarfield subdivision: There will be a Public Hearing before the Planning Commission on Thursday, October 6, 2:00 p.m., concerning the vacation of the loop drive right of way, south of Beach View Drive. This vacation is associated with the development of an RV park.  Almost all of the park (43 sites) will be located between Waffle House and Maison d’Orleans apartments, however a bit of the development (about 8 sites) will involve the east side of the Beachview Avenue loop (at the south end of Beachview).  Since an RV park is a permitted use in a CB Community Business zone, this may be the only Public Hearing where you can be heard.

(09/24/16) Council approved (5-2) the FY17 Budget at the Special Meeting conducted Thursday, 09/22/16.  Please note that the budget was amended to set aside $500,000 to fund a 2% raise for employees, contingent on a revised Compensation Schedule.

(09/24/16)  Those interested in reviewing or researching city ordinances may use the online, searchable indexCLICK HERE.

(09/14/16)  Those interested but unable to attend the Budget Hearing last night at city hall can view the Combined Funds Statement that was made available to those present.  Click here to view the document.

(09/14/16)  The Council Agenda is published online at the city’s website Friday afternoon about 4:00 prior to Tuesday’s Council meeting… top, left side of the page (below the lighthouse), click on “City Council Agenda”.  The previous agenda remains until the new agenda is posted.  At the end of each agenda item you’ll see a link, printed in blue, to back up documentation for that item.  This permits you to see the documents that we see.

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